Here’s The Skinny On These Skinny Jeans

Okay. Let me just start by saying we ALL love those one, very special, super comfortable and amazing jeans. You know– the ones that keep the FUPA (upper p**** fat) at bay and lift your hiney so high it can reach the heavens!? Well, I have found those perfect pair of jeans and their brand. Madewell.

Madewell makes the most perfect 10″ high waisted skinny jeans that not only make heads turn but holds everything in and up in all of the right places. They’re absolutely amazing and SO comfortable. Not to mention, they come in a wide variety of washes. I swear their jeans have been a god-send! No more camel toes, no more flattened backend and no more stumpy looking legs (which are ALL common irritations and massive annoyances that comes along with wearing high waisted jeans).

The best part? I have ALSO tried their 9″ high waisted jeans and Roadtripper jeggings as well and they are just as fabulous. They have the perfect amount of stretch and comfort without causing a saggy a** dip in the back. I mean, really… who wants that? Not me.

They’re flattering and made with such a high quality that has been unmatched.

I personally have not found an equal match in the jean department with other brands (and I’m a jean addict and snob to say the least). I own over 30 pairs and Madewell jeans are by FAR my favorite.

Here’s the thing, I wasn’t even paid to give this raving review… I just love the jeans THAT much I couldn’t help but share my excitement with the world. These puppies are too great to keep hidden and I personally feel everyone should own a pair.

This is also a first… I don’t have a favorite! I have different pairs of their skinny jeggings, 10″ and 9″ skinnies and you can’t go wrong with any of them. So there you have it… the honest to goodness “skinny” on these amazing skinny jeans and brand. So do yourself a favor and don’t “waist” anytime adding these jeans to your wardrobe. They’re a staple item for sure! Happy shopping–You won’t regret it!

Birthday Makeup Tutorial And Style

So my 29th birthday was absolutely amazing! I went out to a fabulous dinner with my fiance and my parents drove two hours to surprise me and then two hours home! They truly are the most amazing parents and it was the best gift I could have ever gotten. I love my parents and I am extremely close to my family. Therefore, this was an amazing surprise!

I wore a Lulus dress, a Talbots jacket, stockings from Amazon and Christian Louboutin heels. A few people have asked… so I always have on my David Yurman rings and my engagement ring from Verragio.

My makeup look and outfit is below in the video:

Fall Style: J.Crew, Old Navy, Madewell, Gucci, Uggs, and Anthropologie

This season, I am really trying to branch out with my fall style. I absolutely love my new fall staple piece: The Anthropologie Gillian Rancher Hat. It is the perfect fit for my abnormally small head and has a nice trim of animal print to really make the hat unique. Although Jon refers to me as Raymond Reddington now (a lame Blacklist joke on his part 😉 ), I truly do love this hat!

Next comes the sweater. It is a polka dot sweater I purchased from Old Navy. It is in a size medium because I tend to like my sweaters a little bit roomier.

My vest is from J. Crew. However, I FOUND this particular vest on Postmark because J.Crew no longer carried the hot pink style I wanted. This is also in a size medium.

My belt is from Gucci and it is the black Belt with Double G buckle. I am wearing a size 85cm. This is also the 1″ width belt. They make a large and smaller width size as well. I personally like this width size.

My jeans are from Madewell. They’re high waisted and have a nice stretch to them! They’re the 10″ high rise roadtripper jeans!

And finally, my boots are from Uggs. They don’t have this particular style anymore, however, there are many new boots that have a similar look!