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About The Little Louie Studio

The Little Louie Studio creates fluid, abstract, and mixed media artwork, as well as home goods and furniture, that promotes positive energy in each piece.

I have been making art since I was a young girl. Throughout high school, art was my favorite subject and allowed me to enjoy the process of creation. I loved painting, drawing and making abstract sculptures. I continued my love and study for art during my time at Franklin and Marshall College where I joint majored in English and Studio Art. The Studio was formed after my fiancé left for Marine Corps OCS training. I was lonely and began making artwork late at night to pass time. Louie, my pug, accidentally spilt paint all over the floor and it made a unique fluid design. I added crystals for positive energy healing and that is how the idea began!

Currently, each piece is created with earth’s minerals, elements, crystals and energies as inspiration, as well as the incorporation of light refraction and crystal healing. Each mixed media piece is made specifically to target light refraction, while  banishing negative energy. Each piece promotes positive energy through the use of crystals, glass, stones and other layers of materials. 

I use a mix of techniques but begin each piece with a style of pour painting, gradually adding layers of materials and resin to act as layers. Resin is not used primarily to finish the piece, rather, I use it to create layers and depth with acrylic paints, inks, and other materials mixed into it. Each pour’s “flow” is usually an outcome of the music I am listening to during the time of creating the piece. For a more rapid and aggressive pour, I put on some of her favorite bands: Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, and more of the classic rock bands. For a smoother and softer pour, Van Morrison, The Temptations, Norah Jones, etc. are usually played on repeat. 

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”- Pablo Picasso

Shows + Exhibits + Galleries

  • November 7-10 | International Art Festival, NYC
  • July 5-7 | Market Art & Design, Bridgehampton, Hamptons, NY
  • May 2019 | Stride Arts Gallery, NYC
  • April 2019 | Art Expo NYC


Email for information regarding pieces

Pieces Below Are Available for Sale in Stride Arts Gallery NYC (Please contact them or for purchasing, renting or hosting information)

Past Artwork Examples

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Food safety: Even though the art resin used is labeled as food safe, it is always recommend putting food and food related items ONLY on the non resin / art area of the board or material (specifically for the cheese and cutting boards). Copyrights: Any images containing original art, or any other creative endeavor on this web site, are copyrighted by the artist, and may in no way be used for any purpose other than viewing online, unless they are part of a written contract agreement, or with specific permission.This restriction INCLUDES:

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