Snowboarding Gear Style and Review

There is nothing more exciting about getting some new skiing or snowboarding gear for the upcoming season. I, for one, absolutely love my newest gear from Flow and Head. Now, let’s not be pervy… those REALLY are the names (I can’t make this up).

However, aside from the names these two brands truly deliver pretty amazing products. To start, I can attest that their Jewel 149 snowboard is absolutely amazing. The design is sleek and much lighter than my previous Burton board. Now, I am not saying one brand is better than the other. In fact, I love Burton! However, there was a sale on the Flow boards at the snowboard shop I was at in Windham, NY and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to upgrade!

My first impression was that the board had an extremely appealing dark galaxy design, along with a red and black design on the back. It is truly a really visually appealing and impressive board. The weight was average and a lot lighter than my previous board.

The first ride with this board was awesome. I was at Windham Mountain and it was a mix of freshly groomed and non groomed snow. For starters, this baby was quick! I was able to slice in and out of turns without catching an edge. It has enough flex but isn’t overly soft where I felt unstable. It’s speed made the entire run extremely fun and took a lot of pressure off of my joints since it is so easy to maneuver.

As for the bindings… I actually mix and match. There is no reason why you need to stick within brands, unless you’re that type of person who needs all of the gear under the same house (so to speak)— which is completely fine! I just prefer to mix and match based on my needs. So, that’s where the Head bindings come in.

I paired the snowboard with Head Px5 bindings. Taken from Head’s website it states:

It has a full EVA base pad for increased control. Auto-open straps for easy in and out and the ankle strap features a rich combination of technical fabric and leather. The rich look trough delivers a cool, classic combination of silver and black. All riders, from experts to intermediates, will appreciate the performance features of tool-free forward lean adjustment and transformable neoprene toe strap.

Basically, these bindings make life so much easier with their Tool Free Forward Lean Adjustment and easy auto opening straps. They gave me enough support to feel secure but also didn’t have a stiff feeling like my previous bindings.

Okay! Now onto the boots. I have wide feet with zero arch. My little hobbit feet just don’t do well in women’s boots! I opted for Head’s Perfect Fit Men’s snowboarding boots! These boots are by FAR the most amazing pair of snowboarding boots I have ever had! They’re so comfortable, warm and supportive. They feel like you’re wearing a sneaker. They are so lightweight and have easy tightening and loosening capabilities with the turn of a knob. And— they lock themselves! They have great flex and help position you in a more forward and comfortable position when you are snowboarding without compromising the protection of your ankles! I absolutely love these boots and recommend them to EVERYONE!

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